Insight to the inner workings of a goldsmith's mind, studio and life.

Insight into the life of a goldsmith's mind, shop and life.

Welcome...and thanks for visiting! This is my first blog. With any luck at all I hope it shall be of interest to fellow metalsmiths and beyond!

I'm ALWAYS looking for new commissions! I'm a great designer and that means I LISTEN to what YOUR DREAMS are FIRST......and then bring my expertise and experience to help them become a REALITY!

Friday, August 27, 2010

18K Black Opal Pendant

Here's my latest masterpain.....which was actually a joy to make, as are all my more challenging pieces. It has an integral mechanism which allows the opal to be turned and locked into one of four positions. The concave dish behind the stone reflects a dynamic image of the back of the opal out towards the viewer's eye. It is made from 20.9 grams of 18K gold. Here's a link to 34 process pics of it's creation with explanations.

Getting the work "Out there..."

Learning to do things a new way.......I'm reluctant in practice...but willing in principle. Promoting my jewelry has never been something I've needed to do.....I've always had the next commission just fall into my lap.....but now there is such potential 'presence' possible on the web that I'm feeling rather stupid for not taking advantage of it....despite my reclusive tendencies.

So....towards that end here I am now....starting a blog, signing up for a Twitter account, posting my work on Flickr and Facebook pages......and I'm enjoying the exposure. Who knows what will come of it? So good! The world is both finite and infinite....all at the same time! I just want my little piece of it to call my own.....and that piece is starting to get bigger....

Monday, April 19, 2010

First Blog....first entry!

Well....I had to do it sometime. This is my first blog and I hope that it will be of use to someone besides myself. I usually resent anything that takes me away from the bench (this explains a lot in my life) though I really will try and write regularly. I'm on a pretty steep learning curve regarding html, links, feeds, etc., but the only way to get caught up is to work with it wish me luck! Any help will always be welcome!